Monthly Archives: March 2015

It is Pi Day!!!

Today we went to a special Geocaching event put on by Flagman.  It was appropriately held at the San Diego Chicken Pie Shop.  Around 60 people showed up for the event.  It seems we are making more and more friends at events – lots of fun!  Pi day only comes once every 100 years -we all did the count down until Pi day was official … 03/14/15 09:26:53. One Geocacher that we admire is Lulu499. She has found over over 28,000 Geocaches (more than Flagman) – most likely more than we will ever find! Here is a photo of her wearing her pink Pi shirt – you go girl!!  Also a shot of all of us at the restaurant.

20150314_100344   The Chieck Pie Shop

Happy PI Day!!