Caribbean Cruise with great friends – Grand Turk’s Island

Eight of us embarked on a Caribbean Cruise on the Carnival Miracle – it was a trip that will not be forgotten for a very long time!  We picked up a few geocaches along the way, but one of the most memorable caches was on Grand Turk’s Island at the Turks and Caicos National Museum.

This cache was unusual as it was actually inside a building.  Geocaches are suppose to be publicly accessible.  However, this location helped to keep the cache safe … not to mention it also increased tourism!

CRUISE_069 IMG_3622

IMG_3612 IMG_3609

Here are a few photos from the cruise and one of Geocachers – Jo Anna was the lookout! The photo in the brush was taken at the lighthouse on the island.  We rented a jeep with Mike & Amy Jo and drove around the island on our own.  Mike found this cache hiding in the brush.  He is great at finding caches!




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