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Breast Cancer Travel Tag – What a Journey it has had!!

This travel tag has traveled through 109 Geocaches and through multiple Counties.  Below is a MAP to show you where it has been.  Currently it is making its way thorough Spain. We first placed the travel tag on 04/10/2011.  Jo Anna dedicated it to her Mom who is a Breast Cancer survivor.


Breast Cancer Travel Tag Geocoin – Current GOAL

To go around the world and share awareness, knowledge and hope for a cure for Breast Cancer.

About This Item

Breast Cancer Coin

This Coin is dedicated to my mother who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the year 2000. We have NO family history of this disease yet no one is safe. She has been cancer free now for 12 years. Remember this is not just a women’s disease, men get it as well. This is for all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Daughters, Aunts, Friends and other loved ones. For all the Doctors and Medical Scientists who are trying to find a cure we say a heartfelt “thank you” for all your work. Women are living longer lives now because of all the new breakthroughs.